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"Innovative Teaching Empowers Traders"

“The Trading Game Strong Method”

In the fast-paced world of finance, where fortunes can be made and lost in the blink of an eye, knowledge and mentorship are the keys to success. It's a world where traders navigate the intricate web of stocks, commodities, and currencies, seeking opportunities that can lead to financial prosperity. In India and beyond, one platform...

'Nifty50 Technical Analysis: Embracing the 'Buy on Dips' Market Structure' for financial analysis and trading insights."

Nifty50 Technical Analysis: Embracing the “Buy on Dips” Market Structure

The Nifty50 index has recently undergone a significant transformation, holding implications for both traders and investors. This article offers a comprehensive analysis of the Nifty50 index, emphasizing recent developments suggesting a shift towards a "buy on dips" market strategy. We will explore the importance of higher highs, a fundamental concept in technical analysis, and its...

Salman Sherwani from Trading Game Strong discusses India’s evolving education landscape

Salman Sherwani, CEO, co-founder, Trading Game Strong, a financial education firm, share his views on opportunities and challenges of the Indian education system with FE Education Online. In recent times, the educational landscape has been undergoing a shift towards a curriculum that places greater emphasis on imparting practical skills. This shift has been particularly pronounced in...

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