what is stock market ?

Stock market isn’t rocket science instead it is just another form of market where buying and selling is carried out but Unlike a normal market where there is a separation between buyers and sellers, here any Individual or company can buy or sell as the market is accessible to the entire world.
– So what do we buy / sell or as we call it ‘trade’ in this market?
One purchases any publically listed company stock, commodity or currency.

How can one learn stock market trading ?

We at (your company name) have a complete course on technicals and fundamentals of the stock market trading which will guide you to become an independent trader and provide you with a life long skill which isn’t hard to attain once all the classes are attended as the course covers every single aspect required for an individual to trade.
One can simply start trading under our guidance and supervision as well for the basic knowledge, if not interested in the entire course.

How can i invest ? What should be the investment amount?

There is a simple process of investing, account shall be created and simply through wire/credit debit card/ e wallets , the Investment can be made, similarly one can withdraw it through any above process.

What are the risks? is it completely secure ?

Stock market trading when approached in a disciplined manner, it is one of the most efficient ways to build up one’s net worth also when done totally on the basis of technical analysis and fundamentals the risk factor shrinks to less than 5% on any trade with a win ratio of 7 out of 10, an individual can have a profitable long run.

The more experience one gets ,the better the individual gets with risk management.

What will i get if i take the course ?

An individual will acquire a life long Skill in stock market trading, ample to trade on their own. All the technical terms and tools will be taught, after that you will be educated about the other things which effect the stock market like news, fundamentals, your own psychology.