Professional Trading Course

Course Description

• Psychology of Money
• Understanding the Dimension of the Indian Stock Market.
• How much capital is needed and risk management?
• RISK MANAGEMENT (This will be taught to the student with significant importance as the whole
value comes from this topic)
• Basics of charting tools and guiding every student a proper way to analyse a candlestick pattern.
• Basics of MS-Excel and how to use this powerful software in trading.
• Guiding students about how to create an edge in trading.
• How to take advantage of Trading software and tools in getting that edge.
• How to go step by step in trading with confluence?
• Identifying all types of trends (Short-term, Medium-term, Long-term)
• Understanding the working of technical indicators and tweaking them as per respective strategies.
• Demand and supply zones recognition
• Identifying Market structure and taking advantage of Market manipulation.
• Recognizing rejection points at various levels.
• Analyzing multiple entry and exit techniques into a trade.
• Recognizing strong breakout and breakdowns in a technical chart.
• Identifying best time to trade
• Using mathematical driven formula to generate supernormal profit.
* This basic course will be mandatory for every student as it will act as a building block for rest of the course.

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